Milestones in the History

The first convent of Avila Mission, St. Teresa’s Convent at Jalgaon was established on 13th October 1989

1989 : St. Teresa’s Convent, Jalgaon – Official inauguration of the first Convent of Avila Mission at Jalgaon in a rented building on 15th October, 1989.

1990 : Sisters owned a house of their own at Adarsh Nagar, Jalgaon and started St. Teresa’s Convent English Medium School in the Convent premises.

1991 : Carmel Convent, Delhi – It was established at old Rajindar Nagar in the capital city of India.

1992 : Carmel Convent, Ahmednagar – was established in a rented building and started Carmel Convent English Medium School in the same premises.

1995 : Sanjoe Convent, Shrirampur – In response to the invitation of Vincentian Fathers it was started in a rented building.

1997 : Sanjoe Convent owned a new house with the help of Vincentian Fathers.

1998 : Chavara Sadan, Faridabad – was officially blessed at Sanjoepuram in Chandpur Village, Faridabad and Sisters started working in Infant Jesus School which is run by St. Joseph’s service Society of Faridabad diocese.

2001 : Snehsadan Convent, Vavarath – Came into existence purely for the service of the tribal communities in collaboration with V.C. Fathers.

2001 : Sr. Loretta, the first Mission Superior of Avila Mission was appointed by our Provincial Council.

2002 : Carmel Convent Old Rajindarnagar, Delhi was shifted to Mayur Vihar phase III.
Sisters of St. Teresa’s convent, Jalgaon met with an accident at Shirpur on the way to Shahda mission.

2003 : First batch of SSC students passed with 100% result from St. Teresa’s convent, Jalgaon.

2006 : Sanjoe Nursery, Shrirampur was inaugurated.

2006 : St. Teresa’s Convent School started Junior College at Jalgaon.

2007 : The name ‘AVILA MISSION’ was given to our mission. Remand home visits started at Jalgaon by our Sisters.

2008 : Inauguration of Auto-rickshaw association as a social work project.

2010 : Adopted Bambhori Village and started fre tuition center.

2012 : Carmel Convent A’Nagar constructed a new convent building and officially blessed.

2013 : Carmel Convent A’Nagar was raised to the status of Avila Mission House and inauguration of Silver Jubilee Celebration of Avila Mission and St. Teresa’s Convent, Jalgaon on 2nd October, 2013
Pimpalgaon village adopted and free tuition centre started at Ahmednagar.

2014 : A Boarding for village Christian girls was inaugurated and blessed at Ahmednagar.
On 2nd August, 2014 Silver Jubilee celebration of Avila mission and St. Teresa’s Convent, Jalgaon were started.

2015 : An Old-age home for women – Euphrasia Karunya Bhavan started. Avila Mission Sisters could achieve the target of visiting150 villages.

2016 : Started a Convent in Greater Noida (7th Convent in Avila Mission)
Carmel Convent Mayurvihar, Delhi purchased a flat and extended Convent.
Silver Jubilee year Celebrations of Carmel Convent, Mayurvihar, Delhi and St. Teresa’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon.
Inauguration of Silver Jubilee celebrations of Carmel Convent and School, Ahmednagar.

2017 : As per the decision taken by Provincial synaxis 2016 to open a school for mentally challenged children at Jalgaon the process has started and we run Avila Special class with 5 students.