Faith Formation

Our founder, St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias envisioned the spiritual resurrection of the people of God through the institution of our congregation. The prime duty and goal of the establishment of our congregation was to enable the people of God to understand the meaning of Gift of faith and also help and support them to worship God in spirit and truth and lead them to infinite bliss of mystery of the salvation of Christ. Thus, they have to grow up to Christ in personal perfection and through them the world towards Christian formation. Our target group is women and children. Their Christian formation and their upliftment are the focus of all our apostolate.

The essence of Christian Formation is to enthrone Jesus Christ in all hearts. All our apostolates are directed to this aim. Our sisters are equipped with the knowledge in the branches of spiritual and divine sciences as in the art, both humane and temporal sciences to fulfil this aim. We aim to conscientize the people of God-especially women and children about their apostolic mission and empower them to become missionaries filled with zeal and divine love in their own environment. Our founder fathers are the models to us in this regard. They instituted ‘abode of virtues’ to learn and teach catechism by conducting spiritual retreats in the parishes, leading the people to faith and salvation through meaningful participation and experience of liturgy which was re-awakening in the then Kerala church. We continue this spirit through proclamation of the Word, Catechism, parish ministry, renewal of family, education, healing ministry, charitable activities and mass media and publications.

Proclamation of the Word of God:

By following the footsteps of our founder, St.Chavara we have taken the responsibility to lead the people of God to true faith in the light of the Gospel, empowered by the Holy Spirit and united with the teaching authority of the Church. To facilitate this apostolate, we work in collaboration with Vincentian Fathers by joining them in village services, retreats and prayer meetings with sharing the word of God in Local languages.

Village visits and Home Mission:

The idea of home mission was derived from a decision to enter as a “ray of light” into the modern homes deranged by the attraction of modernism, broken family relationships, and family atmosphere lacking in spiritual background. By imbibing the same Spirit we go to the interior villages with the love of Christ where people have still not heard about of Jesus. We sisters go to village parish and stay there for a week and visit each house with a consoling message of Jesus. On the final dayall the villagers gather for prayer in the evening, where in some of the visits Vincentian Fathers come for final sharing of the Bible message, Holy Mass and prayer. Sisters of each community take special time in visiting the nearby villages. It was a decision of Avila mission in theSesqui-centenary jubilee celebration of CMC, to visit 150 villages and we could achieve it and reach out to the poor and needy.

Women Empowerment:

This is an attempt to rejuvenate St. Chavara’s ideas on family visits according to the present trend. For the empowerment of women, who are the lamps of their homes, Sisters organize various programs under the institution of Avila Mission.