Chavara Sadan – Faridabad

“I the Lord am its keeper; every moment I water it.
I guard it night and day so that no one can harm it.” (Is.27:3)

The journey of life is a journey in the Lord and with the Lord. At times when we halt and look back; we see the hands of the Almighty, watering it in dry lands, keeping it safe from every unfavourable situation, guarding and guiding each step that is taken.

At the continuous request of Rev. Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan, Chavara Sadan was started on 3rd June, 1998 in Faridabad at Chandpur, as the fifth Convent in north for Avila Mission of Vimala Province. This campus is known as Sanjoepuram Children’s Village. It is situated in Haryana state. Rev. Fr. Sebastian invited us to teach in their newly starting school and run a vocational training centre. As per the request, the then Provincial and her team agreed to send the Sisters. Among two of the Sisters, one was the Principal and another was the bursar. The first members of this community were Sr. Jaison (Superior), Sr. Auxilia, Sr. Liza and Sr. Celine.

By September 13th 1998 the vocational training centre was officially inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan. Sr. Auxilia became the first vocational Training instructor in this institute. The aim of vocational training centre was to provide opportunity for the poor around and make them self sufficient as per the need at the locality. In 2003, it was set apart for tailoring alone. As the time and growth demanded the training centre was shifted to Maria Bhavan in the year 2009 and later this service was stopped. Aiming at the Christian formation of the girls, a boarding was started in the Convent building in the year 2010. At present three Sisters render their service at Sanjoepuram especially in Infant Jesus High secondary School.